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  • After downloading and unzipping, double click on the application. If a compatible USB cable is connected, a terminal window will open, and it will be titled "WCH-Serial_0B100000" or similar. The last 8 digits of the title are based on the location of the cable in the USB topography, i.e. if you plug the cable into another port on the Mac or into another USB hub, it will change.

    Along the bottom of the winodw first appear indicators of the status ofthe handshake lines. If you do not know what these are, then ignore them. If you do know what they are, note that you can raise and lower the DTR and RTS by clicking on them. The others are read-only.

    Next along the bottom of the terminal window is the current speed(baud) of the serial port. The chip defualts to 19200 on power-up, so be sure to change it to match the deivce with which you want to communicate, which is often 9600 or even 4800.

    AppleScript Examples

    tell application "WCH341-Terminal"
         get adapters
    end tell

    ->{adapter "640B" of application "WCH341-Terminal", adapter "7003" of application "WCH341-Terminal", adapter "7703" of application "WCH341-Terminal", adapter "6A03" of application "WCH341-Terminal"}

    tell application "WCH341-Terminal"
         get properties of adapter 1
    end tell

    USB Location:"4B120000",
    all data:"",
    received data:"",
    USB Info:{|bDeviceProtocol|:0,
    |Device Speed|:1,
    |Bus Power Available|:250,
    |USB Product Name|:"USB2.0-Serial",
    |USB Address|:10},
    WCH version:3.0,
    Registers: FFFF AF6B 04BE FFEE 3FFF 3F38 0D3F FF36 D3CF 02B2 D7C1 C3FF C3FE 178A C01E 4208 0095 083A A000 0000 0062
    Registers: BFFF AB6B 043E FFEE 3FFF 3F38 0DBF FF32 D3D3 02B2 D7C1 C3FF C3FE 178A C01E 4208 0095 083A A000 0000 0062
    Registers: FFFF FFFF ABAF 6B6B 0404 BEBE FFFF EEEE 3F3F FFFF 3F3F 3838 0D0D 3F3F FFFF A4A4 D7D7 F1F2 0202 B2B2 D7D7 C1C1 C3C3 FFFF C3C3 FEFE 1717 8A8A C0C0 1E1E 4242 0808 0000 9595 0808 3A3A A0A0 0000 0000 0000 0000 ",
    sent data:"",
    USB Device version:"0252"}

    tell application "WCH341-Terminal"
         set theAdapter to (adapter 1)
         send file alias "MacHD:Documents:config.txt" via theAdapter
    end tell


    tell application "WCH341-Terminal"
         set theAdapter to (adapter 1)
         send string "Hello World" via theAdapter
    end tell


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