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  • I have a LG cell phone model TG-300. It was $50 new and I thought it would be good to have as a spare. Well, my daughter vanished my Motorola phone from my desk while I was playing with the LG. Luckily my SIM card was in the LG, and now it's my primary phone.

    My contacts were saved on the SIM card, so the inablilty to sync with the Mac was not a big problem. But there was no way to get any pictures taken with the phone out of the phone. There was the option to print via Bluetooth, but a print of one of these pictures (640x480) would not be very pretty.

    I reasoned that a computer could imitate a BT printer and simply save the image data from the phone to disk. A search for an app to do this yielded no results. So, once again, I had to roll-my-own...

    The next step was to preuse Apple's Sample Code for examples. The 'RFCOMMServerSample' provided most of the clues. And the documentation from laid out how a device should present itself. I tried all the Major Device and Major Service class combinations (via Bluetooth Explorer), but all my efforts failed to make the phone 'discover' the computer.

    The above attempts were presenting BPP and HCRP services, which seemed the most logical choices, in the absence of any guidance from the LG website. While browsing the BT documentation I came across BIP (Basic Imaging Profile). I gathered that it was geared to remote control of cameras, scanners, etc., but I tried implementing it anyway. Shazamm!

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